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    The hot rolling department is the major plant of HBIS Tangsteel

    Brief Introduction

    The hot rolling department , previously it was No.1 rolling mill, in 6, February of 2006, the department formed through the combination of No.1 steelmaking plant and hot rolling plate plant, and as the birthplace for alkaline side-blown converter steelmaking in China.

    Plant Scene

    1810 Coil

    Plant Outer Scene

    1810 Rolling Line

    1810 Rolling Mill Scene

    Plant Outer Scene

    1810 Line



    The department has three 150t top-bottom combined blown converters, three LF refining furnaces, one RH vacuum refining furnace, the casting system  has four continuous casters, the rolling system has four hot rolling lines:1810mm ,1700mm and 2 level off production line, with the annual capacity of 5 million tons, the coil nominal width is 8501680mm,the thickness 0.812.7mm.

    The department has advanced technologies, include: converter automatic steelmaking, slab continuous casting and rolling, ferrite rolling technology, half headless rolling technology. The highest casting speed can reach 6m/min, it can produce 1.2mm thickness hot rolling coil and some 1.0mm coil, and also some can realize hot rolling replace cold rolling that reach the high industry level.

    Complete Production Platform

    Hot-rolling Department has established a complete clean steel production platform, it can produce deep drawing auto plate, silicon steel, high carbon steel and pipeline steel and other high-grade steel products that cover more than 80 kinds of steel, widely used in machinery manufacturing, structural steel, oil pipelines, automobile frames, container, motor and blades, chains, knives and other products. We not only focus on the domestic market, but also export to Europe, South America, Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other foreign markets, our quality products and good service are widely praised by customers , with a strong brand influence and market competitiveness.

    Market-oriented Strategy

    Facing the fierce market conditions, hot rolling department will takes market-oriented strategy, changes the challenges into opportunities, adhering to the "Pragmatic Work Attitude" philosophy, and constantly to improve product quality, increase the level of market service, make unremitting efforts to create the industry's most competitive hot rolling production line.